Our Competitions/Trips

Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta is excited to offer a variety of events and competitions to allow advanced and budding dancers the chance to demonstrate their talents. While some students attend Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta for more leisurely purposes, we encourage those who feel confident enough in their abilities to try the world of competitive dancing.

Competitions/Trips is a term that was created to continue the tradition of old-fashioned ballroom dancing contests but with a more modern take on the ballroom dancing competition. Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta is proud to offer our students the opportunity to take their dancing to the next level through participation in local and national Competitions/Trips competitions.

Our members have won awards in Competitions/Trips competitions across the world.  Learn more about our award winning dancers by reading their biographies.

Upcoming Events


Match Comp and Bootcamp April 13 – 14 Metro Atlanta
Emerald Ball May 1 – 5 Los Angeles, CA
Atlanta Open May 9 – 12 Atlanta, GA
Swing Into Summer May 25 – 27 Naples, FL
Millenium DanceSport June 18 – 23 Tampa, FL
Bahamas Showcase June 18 – 23 Tampa, FL
Millennium Competitions/Trips Championships Jun 9 – 24 Paradise Island, Bahamas