Swing SilhouetteSwing Dances – Swing dance is a broad term to describe partnership dances that are danced to a faster style of Jazz music. In the late 1920’s, New York’s Harlem district began to produce an exciting evolution of jazz music. This became known as Big Band music. Big Band music took over popular culture and has continued to influence music with each new generation. Lindy Hop is thought to be one of the first styles of Swing to hit the dance floor as it suitably matched the music being produced by the big bands. It continued to evolve over the years as dancers from New York travelled across the US, adopting several geographic names such as St. Louis Imperial, Dallas Push, Houston Whip, West Coast Swing, Hollywood Savoy, Carolina Shag, Beach Bop, and East Coast Swing. East Coast Swing is the most popular form of swing still being swung today.